Cha Cha Cha 19

Grilled pork shanks, served with fiery and spicy sauce of peppercorn, fingerroot,

and a combination of various chilies, bell peppers, eggplant and hot basils.

Three-Musketeers 16

Grilled pork shanks and roasted garlic, served with Som Tum and sticky rice.

Crying Tiger 16

Grilled marinated Certified Angus Thai steak infused with basil,

served with Som Tum and sticky rice.

Choo-Chi Duck 16

Roasted duck on a wonderful arrangement of roasted vegetables in a delectable choo-chi curry sauce and cilantro leaves on top .

Royal Maze 13

Marinated chicken breasts, pan-seared and served on top of fresh spinach

with peanut sauce.

Four Seasons 14

A special style of pan-seared chicken, beef, pork, vegetables and cashew nuts,

with soy sauce.

Thai Steak 16

Certified Angus Thai steak (8 oz.) marinated with Thai spice, grilled and served

on a sizzling plate with vegetables, dark plum sauce, and a spicy dipping sauce.

Thai BBQ Half Chicken 16

Half chicken, marinated in Thai herbs, barbequed and glazed with coconut milk,

a classic Thai dish, served on a hot plate with sweet chili sauce and cilantro leaves

on top.

Mambo Mambo Chicken 14

Stewed chicken and ripe mango in red curry sauce, served in a Thai golden pot.

Massaman Beef 15

Rib-eye beef braised in a delectable massaman curry sauce with onions and potatoes.